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Gacha World is an anime-styled adventure and collecting RPG game made by Lunime. Similarly to previous Gacha games, the player can make a part of five units to battle bosses by collect additional characters via gacha and use them in various battle modes. Character customization is also a major part of the app.



You start with story mode, where your character is sucked into the Gacha realm and chosen as the Gacha Summoner. You meet Fairy Ellie who is your constant companion as you travel the other realms to stop the Corruption that's invading the universes.

Other modes include an arena where you can fight other player's characters, increasingly difficult battles against bosses you defeated in Story Mode, and an endurance series of battles in the Tower.

You can customize your character's look by purchasing items in the shop. Each item gives you a tiny stat increase. You can also increase your stats up (up to 250 each) by applying level up points.

Similarly to most of the other Lunime Games, you will receive a gift at the beginning of the game to start you of.


  • Gacha World was originally called Gacha League.


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