The Gacha Summoner is the protagonist of Gacha World and Gacha Memories. They appear in Gacha League as a different version of the character but how is still unknown as the game is still in development.

Though they can be either gender, some elements of the games assume that the player is male. They are mentioned in Gacha Life as the "Gacha King". They are the default appearance of the player when they first start the game and Gacha Memories occasionally slips up and uses the male pronoun when referring to the character, even if you chose female.


  • In Gacha Life it's possible to catch a glimpse of their eyes, which are often covered by the bangs, revealing that they are green.
  • In Gacha Club, Bella refers to the Gacha DJ as "Gacha Summoner". Whether this means the Gacha DJ is the new Gacha Summoner or not is unclear.

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