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Gacha Studio is a dress up and scene creation app with a pet collection element created by Lunime. Players can create characters by customizing hair, face, clothing, handheld items, and poses, then place up to six characters (12 if the player has purchased Premium) in preset locations in a scene together with the background of your choice.

Players can also gacha pets for use with their characters or use in The Arena. Arena combat comes in three styles:

  • Automatic: The player's character automatically fights the opponent.
  • Element: Loosely based on rock-paper-scissors, combat involves putting elemental symbols (water, wind, and fire) ina series, then gaining advantage / disadvantage depending on what the opponent selected.
  • Skill: Similar to Automatic except for the addition of the Dodge button. Properly time your dodge to avoid damage.

The player's power is based on the total number of pet levels you have across all your pets.


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