Gacha Life is the latest Lunime game released in October, 2018. In addition to the new NPC mode, it also has new characters.


Main Screen of Gacha Life

== Gameplay ==

Start by dressing up your own characters for free! You can personalize your own character using different hairstyles, outfits, weapons and more! Save up to 20 characters of your own design!

Studio: Use up to 8 characters in studio mode and create awesome scenes to share with others!

Gacha: Earn items for props in your scenes or gifts for your new NPC friends!

Games: Play mini-games for gems! Test your skill on eight different challenging games based on your favorite characters.

Chat: Talk with other Gacha Life users. (available at level 10)

Life: The new NPC mode, which allows you to interact and allow you to be friends with over 100 characters. Talk to them, give them gifts, learn about them!

Characters in Gacha Life may include: