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GachaTube Welcome video screen

  • GachaTubers (or Gacha YouTubers) are fans who use Gacha Life, Gacha Studio, or Gachaverse screenshots to make videos on YouTube. While promoted by Lunime, their content is considered non-canon. GachaTube content such as music videos, skits, ongoing series, mini movie, movies and other content built using the character creators in the aforementioned Gacha games.

How to make a Gacha Video

Choose an editor

You would need a video editor, such as PowerDirector, Kinemaster, Videoshop, or iMovie. (You can also record the screenshots but that isn't recommended).

Take Screenshots

You need to screenshot what you set up in Gacha Life, Gacha Studio or Gacha League/Gachaverse. Go to your studio page and select the "Hide" button to hide the menus. Now take your screenshot - how you do this will depend on your device but in most cases, it's very simple.

GachaTubers of Note

List of Gacha-centered YouTubers

Here is a list of some YouTubers who upload Gacha Videos.

500K Subscribers

250-499K Subscribers

  • DailyPotato - Home of skits, meme videos and the series "Altered Reality" created by Freya.
  • Gacha Mike, better known as Bijuu Mike - Reaction videos to Gacha content and occasional dare videos.
  • Cream Puff - GLMVs, Mini movies, Memes
  • Gacha Wow Studios-Anime - Mackenzie makes skits, miniseries, minimovies, and more Gacha content videos.
  • EmilyKitty - Skits, music videos, and tutorials.
  • Murfie - A Bad Boy With A Heart Gacha Life and Gacha Studio series.
  • MeeKhaylaYT Playz - Various mini movies.
  • Mimi XD - GLMV's, Skits, Memes.
  • Luna Playz - Creator of Loved By Two GLMM and various series and mini movies.
  • LilCrystalGaming - Creator of Online Friends mini movie, My Popular Boyfriend, Hot Teacher and Me and the Badass series.
  • Kaelyn xox - Mini movies
  • Hatsumi Roe - Memes and GLMV

100-249K Subscribers

  • Loli The Neko Cat - Gacha Meme videos.
  • Cutie pun pun - Gacha Meme videos and other content by .
  • MidoriStories- Home of the series "The Green Knight" and "Not Your Average Girl".
  • Itz_Angiee - Gacha meme videos, tutorials, speed paints, and other content by Angiee.
  • Mizzo Ipang - Primarily Gacha Memes.
  • Seym_DNA - Sophia presents augmented Gacha character videos in stories and skits
  • GamingWith Ally - Various mini movies and GLMVs, creator of 'Peanut Butter to my Jelly'
  • Cella Chai - Creator of 'The Mean Mother', 'Mean and Nice Sister' series
  • •Angel Edits• - Cool Kids GLMV
  • SilentWhisper - Various mini movies and series, most popular being Love Me Not, She Was My Target, My Childhood Sweetheart and Love is a Crime
  • Silent Princess - Various mini movies, skits and memes, creator of Dad Can't Say No GLMM
  • dogfish the dogfish - The Golden Child GLMM, creator of various videos using her character Dogfish
  • PhantomFairy XOX - Creator of dares like I Wore Skirts For This.. | Doing Your Dares | 70,000 Subscriber Special | Ft. Some Friends and various series
  • Yan Yan谚谚 Malaysian Gachatuber who makes memes, mini movies and music videos, creator of Wish Come True GLMM
  • Beany - Creator of various mini movies; most popular being 'Colours of Emotions'
  • Pineappleparty Gacha - Creator of various mini movies, popular ones reaching up to 1 million+ views; most popular being 'Beauty Is Pain' with 4m views
  • Halle Burger - Music videos, Gacha series and mini movies, creator of '"Bad Boy" Needs A Bodyguard?! - Season 1- Ep1d Boy" Needs A Bodyguard?! - Season 1- Ep1'
  • lil cordnai gacha - Series, memes, music videos, creator of '~a boy in an all girl school | part 1 | gachalife'
  • 가차Emathyst - Series, memes, mini movies, music videos, creator of 'Destined Together || gacha life || S1 E1|| *original *'
  • Sady Shadow - Memes, MEPs, editing, series, music videos, creator of 'If Sady Shadow turn to a Baby Again?! | Gachaverse | ORIGINAL'
  • GachaGamer Players - Series, music videos, memes, creator of 'Tha gangsters fell in love with a bad girl' series
  • VelvetPaws - Various series and mini movies, GLMVs, creator of The Alpha Hybrid who Fell in Love with a Human GVMM
  • LenTotally - 'Gacha Life 2 Concepts' videos
  • MidnightStar62 - GLMVs, series, MEPs, creator of Death Eye Girl Fell In Love with a Murder GVMM
  • Kawaii Bella -Various mini movies, creator of Emotionless GVMM
  • MiraGrace Studios - Creator of 'Wolf Spirit' series and 'Our Wolf Daughter'
  • Gachaelleッ - Creator of various mini movies
  • angelica - GLMVs and occasionally mini movies, editing and memes
  • Gacha Uzumaki- Creator of Quadruple Homicide and various other series coming soon.

List of non-GachaTubers

Here is a list of some YouTubers who have used Gacha in some of their videos.

1M+ Subscribers

  • Aphmau - Gacha parodies and reactions
  • Lyna - A spanish GachaTuber.

500K+ Subscribers

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