Ellie is an Elemental Fairy. She is also known as Fairy Ellie (Gacha World) and the Gacha Queen (GachaVerse/Gacha League).

In Gacha World, Ellie is your primary companion who acts as a guide on your adventures even though she does not participate in combat. She returns in Gacha Resort to once again to offer advice and guidance.

Ellie's 6 star form, Starlight Ellie, is treated as a separate character even though Starlight Ellie's background indicates they are the same character.


  • Starlight Ellie is shorter than Gacha Summoner but RNG Goddess Ellie is taller than Gacha Summoner.
  • People say that Ellie and the Gacha Summoner are in an relationship due to them being King and Queen, although this is unconfirmed. This doesn't mean they are in an relationship because you are able to choose choose who you ship with the Summoner In Gacha Memories.

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